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Access all your sponsorships and payments conveniently from one dashboard

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Enjoy returns on pooled or project-based sponsorships

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Sponsor impact-driven opportunities and start earning returns on your sponsorships.

Pooled Sponsorship

Earn returns on highly vetted opportunities in our pooled sponsorship vehicle. Sponsor anytime you want across different sectors like agriculture, real estate, transportation and more. You also set your own sponsorship amount and duration!

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Project Sponsorship

Sponsor specific impact-driven projects in a wide range of sectors like agriculture, transportation, health, real estate, and more.

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Grow your Money on Autopilot with Crowdyvest Wallet

Now you can grow your money month over month over month with the Crowdyvest wallet. Think of your wallet as the Control Centre of your dashboard. You can:

Deposit funds directly to your wallet via bank or card transfer

Fund your sponsorships with the money in your wallet

Receive payouts [initial sponsorship and interest] in your wallet

Fund another sponsorship from your wallet after payout

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